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What neighborhood should I buy in the greater Las Vegas area?

When it comes to what neighborhood, everyone has an opinion! Usually it’s based on personal experiences, good or bad, and/or what they’ve heard from friends or family.

General Las Vegas areas

While those are not bad sources, your best bet is to research somethings on your own, as well as consult with a real estate professional and pull some data about the different neighborhoods if you want to be thorough in your purchase decision.

For data you can acquire on your own online without a realtor, start with google maps and research nearby businesses, parks, schools, and get familiar with the area you are interested in. Also try the street view feature if you have not driven by the neighborhood (or live out of town). You can get a pretty good sense of what the neighborhood “feels” like before even actually being there.

Another thing you want to find out ahead of time about any property or general area is the crime rate. The easiest way to do this is to have an address in mind that is located within the neighborhood you are interested it, and then simply go to (full website, not mobile site or mobile app), search for that address and you will see the crime information near that address. Compare it with other areas to get a good idea where your target property/neighborhood stands.

There are also more advanced data you can acquire with the help of a licensed and experienced REALTOR. We will dive into that in another article. In the mean time if you have ANY questions about real estate and the greater Las Vegas area, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly! You can call, text, or email me or leave a message in the contact section of this website.

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