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FSBO Sellers – The Real Estate Agent Is Not Your Enemy

If you are selling your home without a real estate agent, you need to realize the agents in your area are not your enemy. In fact, they may prove very useful in moving your property.

FSBO Sellers – The Real Estate Agent Is Not Your Enemy

A common mistake made when people decide to list their home for sale by owner is to assume real estate agents are to be avoided. This is a mistake for a number of reasons and can significantly hinder your efforts to sell the property. Consider the following.

A majority of buyers will use a real estate agent to locate and make offers on real estate. I am sure this is hardly a shocking revelation to you. Given this fact, many FSBO sellers make the mistake of treating real estate agents rudely. If you receive a call from an agent, you need to realize the person offering their services may be the same person that calls a week later with an interested buyer. If you burn bridges by being rude or hanging up on real estate agents, you run the risk of missing out on potential buyers.

Even if a real estate agent does not bring a buyer, they can still be of assistance to a FSBO seller. Put bluntly, the real estate agents contacting you expect you to eventually give up trying to sell your property on your own. Although incorrect, this assumption leads them to view you as a potential client down the road.  The negative aspect of this is they will continually contact you. Ah, but there is a positive aspect as well.

A real estate agent that sniffs a potential client can be very helpful. To generate credibility with you, they will give you an astounding amount of help for free. Many realtors, for instance, will provide you with all the contract documentation you need for the sale and purchase transaction for the property including a purchase agreement, escrow instructions, deeds, disclosures and a list of documents you will need. Some will even go so far as to provide you with free brochures for your home. Now, does that sound like an enemy?

Make no mistake, a real estate agent will help you because they believe you will eventually become a client. You probably will not, but there is little reason to view them as an enemy in your efforts.

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